Wednesday, July 11, 2012


a couple weeks ago, i wrapped up a project in spartanburg SC with HUB-BUB, a wonderful non-profit that is trying to do big things for the upstate. they brought me in to paint a mural on the RJ rockers brewery building downtown, next to cribb's kitchen. (if you're in the area i definitely  recommend both.) HUB-BUB also hosted a show of some of my newer paintings and drawings, which is up through july 26 in their exhibition space, the showroom. look for a more in-depth post on this project on the HUB-BUB blog soon!

this was a big undertaking and i want to thank everyone who had a hand in its success. special thanks to: RJ rockers, stephen long, sawyer balance, erin haire, parker reid, cheryl mirer, betsy teter, peter caster, kari jackson, christine klinker cox, maddox, the entire staff of cribb's kitchen (the cribb's boys in particular), a generous anonymous donor, and the spartanburg community. thank you so much hub city!

with my two amazing champion painters: sawyer ballance and parker reid, love those suckers

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