Monday, February 28, 2011


i got finally uploaded pictures from the summer, here are the gems:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

new drawing & teasers

"petalcoat," a drawing i started months ago that i just reworked today. unfortunately the scanner doesn't pick up fluorescent ink or you would be blown away by the fluorescent pink that's all over it. but pretty soon you will be able to see it in person, which leads me to my SOLO SHOW.

my show is at eclipse salon and gallery on wall street in asheville, nc. march 18, 7 pm reception: there will be wine/beer and i'm also making special cockatils. me and mama are making food, too, so come hungry.

(about a third of the pieces, framed.)

my friend and fellow artist court mccracken shot a video interview last week in which i talk about art, inspiration, and logging hours in the studio. it's for her website art nurture, which is a resource for people--artists and non-artists alike--to help foster creativity in their daily life. look for that in the upcoming weeks....

i'm doing the album artwork for a band made up of two of my favorite brothers, matt and kevin rumley. their band, her marigold, is releasing its first album, "we learn it to forget it," and they chose this super bright, graphic piece of mine for the cover. they shot some footage for their kickstarter video in the studio today, and they even played some tunes which made me wish they were in here all the time. i'll post video soon!

i also just started working with the asheville mural project, which is an organization that does exactly what the name suggests. they just installed a really nice piece on the corner of eagle and market street downtown in honor of black history month.

and to wrap things up, asheville mural project, along with arts2people, riverlink and asheville ballet, are serving as the structural support for a project that I have had in the works for months and months and months that is finally coming to fruition: a performance installation that combines a temporary mural (by me), a contemporary dance piece choreographed by garth grimball, and an original score composed by michael libramento. beginning april 10, we're installing 50 feet of free standing panels in a gorgeous outdoor space right on the french broad in the river arts district. over the course of a month i'll be painting a big, abstract, pattern-centric mural on site to act as a backdrop to garth's dance piece. michael's score will be played live during the performance.
we filmed our proposal video last week and it's in the editing room this very second, and when it's finished we will post it to kickstarter and get the fundraising in motion.
did i mention the performance is going to be totally FREE and open to the public?
mark your calendars: may 21, riverlink sculpture and performance plaza.

more news soon!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011


illustrations so fresh they're not even eight hours old.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wallace stevens

Looking Across the Fields and Watching the Birds Fly

Among the more irritating minor ideas
Of Mr. Homburg during his visits home
To Concord, at the edge of things, was this:

To think away the grass, the trees, the clouds,
Not to transform them into other things,
Is only what the sun does every day,

Until we say to ourselves that there may be
A pensive nature, a mechanical
And slightly detestable operandum, free

From man's ghost, larger and yet a little like,
Without his literature and without his gods . . .
No doubt we live beyond ourselves in air,

In an element that does not do for us,
so well, that which we do for ourselves, too big,
A thing not planned for imagery or belief,

Not one of the masculine myths we used to make,
A transparency through which the swallow weaves,
Without any form or any sense of form,

What we know in what we see, what we feel in what
We hear, what we are, beyond mystic disputation,
In the tumult of integrations out of the sky,

And what we think, a breathing like the wind,
A moving part of a motion, a discovery
Part of a discovery, a change part of a change,

A sharing of color and being part of it.
The afternoon is visibly a source,
Too wide, too irised, to be more than calm,

Too much like thinking to be less than thought,
Obscurest parent, obscurest patriarch,
A daily majesty of meditation,

That comes and goes in silences of its own.
We think, then as the sun shines or does not.
We think as wind skitters on a pond in a field

Or we put mantles on our words because
The same wind, rising and rising, makes a sound
Like the last muting of winter as it ends.

A new scholar replacing an older one reflects
A moment on this fantasia. He seeks
For a human that can be accounted for.

The spirit comes from the body of the world,
Or so Mr. Homburg thought: the body of a world
Whose blunt laws make an affectation of mind,

The mannerism of nature caught in a glass
And there become a spirit's mannerism,
A glass aswarm with things going as far as they can.