Tuesday, July 5, 2011


just got back from charleston where i went to paint a mural with the chART outdoor initative and gallery: AMAZING. with projects like this so much depends on the chemistry of the people involved, and the group of artists and organizers in charleston is so full of heart and soul (and southern hospitality at its finest) that it was definitely one of my favorite painting experiences. thanks so much to geoff and noel richardson at lava salon, my old friend ishmael, mollie howey, haley hobeika, patch whisky, ben sellers, sarah stewart, john pundt, anson cyr, and everyone else who made this project possible/awesome. check out the walls on alycia alley (just off savannah highway in west ashley) if you are around charleston.

also, mr. patch whisky is having a show at push in asheville that opens july 15, so go on and see him.

and finally, here's a video of geoff talking about the initative and also of me wiping paint off the wall then licking my finger.

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