Monday, December 6, 2010

asheville to miami mural project: home at last!

home sweet home! murals painted: 2. miles logged: 1600+. temperature change: 58 degrees.

just got back from art basel: miami beach! i went down with a group to paint a mural in the wynwood district alongside some of the most talented and innovative street artists from around the world. this neighborhood is a hotspot of creative energy, and it really sparked something in me. i mean it was like a who's who of street artists that had done walls and buildings within a three block radius of where we were painting: barry mcgee, os gemeos, ryan mcginness, ron english, shepard fairey, swoon, futura, the list goes on (for pages.) in addition to the murals that were already there, nearly every empty space left was transformed during the weekend of art basel. i met artists from germany, hawaii, new zealand, east coast, west coast, and all with their own style, their own flavor. it was such a privilege not just to be there, but to be contributing to that kind of artistic landscape.
our group was dustin spagnola, ishmael (folly beach, sc), court mccracken, avery duncan, scott myers, and luke broussard (our documentarian/ambassador). we didn't know each other as a group really until we went down there, but it couldn't have turned out better. our final mural, on the backside of cafeina, was a collaboration in the truest and best sense of the word. it combined dustin's image of a topless frida kahlo braiding her hair (one of the most prone and stripped down pictures of the artist); ishmael's iconic trio of gas nozzles with their gun-shot-glass-shatter surface; and an organic, amorphous pattern i used to tie the two elements together. ishmael has a more in-depth summary of our process and concept here.

final mural at cafeina

me and ave


bill thompson from satellite gallery and scott debus from charleston

scott (myers)


max and rick


dustin, avery, court


local brew!

ave again: so photogenic

me, court, scott, ish


msg and katherine from primary flight

ish, mark of the beast!


the crew!

i don't normally write a lot of personal things here but it's snowing now in asheville and something about the snow and being home and reflecting on this trip is making me aware of how thankful i am. so here's a thank you:
to everyone from asheville and elsewhere who supported this project (emotionally, creatively, financially), to art basel, to the wynwood district, to rebecca at cafeina, to the msg crew (rick, javi, max, and all the rest), to la boricua for the best chicken i've ever had, to dewey's, to the gyllenhaals, to corinne, to sara and rupert, to scott and troy, to tracy and josh, to morgan, to dustin's pops, and most of all to dustin, ishmael, court, avery, luke, and scott for being such an incredible group of people to work with, spend time with, and learn from. this was one of the most fulfilling projects i've ever done, and i couldn't have done it without these amazing people, amazing artists.

a video about the project is in the works, and i can't wait to relive the glory.

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